GrimFaith – Hearts And Engines EP [2011]

Band: GrimFaith
Album: Hearts And Engines EP
Release year: 2011
Genre: Gothic Metal/Doom Metal

GrimFaith, a four piece Ukrainian metal outfit, are one of many bands that are bringing the Eastern European metal scene into the spotlight. The band’s recent release “Hearts And Engines” is the first release in three years.

The first track of the EP, featuring Lisa Johansson of Draconian, is Flower And The Bone. The track begins with a slightly symphonic metal styled introduction followed by a grim sounding scream. After a well composed instrumental section, the low, Gothic-sounding clean vocals make themselves heard. The keyboard sections add a very a dramatic sound to the music, similar to an old school Cradle Of Filth album. Lisa’s vocals aren’t heavily featured on this track though the parts she sings in are simply breath taking. The whispered vocals help bring about more of a Gothic sound to the song as well. The guitars well played but are outdone by the keyboards.

The second track is “E.V.O3 – Cyberlover” which begins with a mixture of cyber-like sounds and harps. The vocals soon follow, bringing a unique sound to the sound. The guitars and drums make the track slightly heavier but still retain the soft, fragile Gothic sound at the same time. “Dead In Soho” comes next, beginning with vocals, guitars and drums. The keyboards bring a very dark, atmospheric sound with them whilst the drums and guitars keep the heavy element of the track. The vocals switch brilliantly between strong and clean to rough and raw sounding. The final track is the extreme version of “E.V.O3 -Cyberlover” and it certainly is more extreme as there is a use of screams, growls and grunts as well as clean vocals.

It’s surprising that the Eastern European metal scenes are overlooked and not well known, especially considering the quality of this EP. The sound quality is clean and crisp, whilst each track is masterfully composed and soulfully played. Hopefully, GrimFaith have another great release in the works.


Nico Davidson

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