Home From Home Festival [Live Review]

Bands: Shadows Chasing Ghosts, Tides Of Virtue, The Demoraliser, The Colour Line, Sea Of Giants, The Departed, Forever And A Day, Hey! Alaska, Not Another Code Red
Location: Shades Night Club, Bridlington
Dates: 20th August 2011

Home From Home Fest, the second annual DIY festival, hosted by the East Coast Collective, was already off to a bumpy start as Swedish hardcore outfit Saving Joshua had dropped off the bill last minute – Not that this prevented all those in attendance from having a good time. The first band on stage were Bridlington’s own “Sea Of Giants”. They performed a good, solid set and were very active on stage. They received a good reaction from the crowd. Towards the end of the set, they performed an immense cover of “Pure F**king Hate” by Annotations Of An Autopsy. Sea Of Giants were a great choice to open the festival with, it was just a shame about the small numbers in attendance for their set.

The second band to perform were Hull-based “The Colour Line”. The entire band had brilliant showmanship and clearly a lot of energy to have remain active through out their entire set, especially their front man who moved in and around the crowd. Their set was tight and brilliantly played. The highlight of their set had to be “Glitter, Spandex And Egos”. Forever And A Day took the stage afterwards. Their set was energetic and tight and the frontman demonstrated great showmanship and crowd interaction. They played brilliant songs such as “If It Pleases You Darling (Pretend I’m Saying It)” and “We See Everything, So Play Nice” [Which can be found on their album “Last Orders”]. Forever and a Day’s set was great though lacking as their bassist was absent.

Hey! Alaska put on a good show, with the frontman interacting with the crowd between songs. Like the other bands, they played a good, heavy set which beamed with energy. Not Another Code Red had a heavy start to their set. They performed a brilliant hardcore rendition of Black And Yellow as well as some of their own songs such as All Or Nothing and Foundations. The Departed brought a great stage presence and positive attitude with them to the stage as they performed a very hyper set in which the crowd began a mosh pit to it. The Demoraliser performed an amazing, brutalising set which sounded raw and violent. they were one of the best bands of the night, which says a lot due to the immense quality of all the bands who played.

Tides Of Virtue performed a very active set, virtually bouncing all around the stage. They received positive feedback from the crowd for their violent and skull-crushing set. The headliners “Shadows Chasing Ghosts” finally took the stage, only to be greeted by a small crowd, which must have been upsetting for the band members though they still performed an awesome set which was very heavy, very tight and pleased the crowd.

Home From Home Fest was clearly an enjoyable experience for all those who performed and those who attended. Fans of hardcore and metalcore missed on a truly great festival. Hopefully, the next Home From Home Festival will be just as great, if not better.

Nico Davidson

4 Responses to “Home From Home Festival [Live Review]”

  1. wasnt as good as i thought it would be

  2. I don’t mean to be awful but do you proof-read?

    Your first paragraph has 4 very short sentences in a row that begin with “They”, two of which beginning with “They performed” which really makes it sound weird and sort of staggered with constant pauses. A bit like if you were to describe yourself this way:

    “I have green eyes. I have long hair. I like metal. I am male”

    As opposed to a more structured sentence such as:

    “I’m a male with green eyes and long hair who likes metal”

    You also swap between sometimes putting quotation marks around band names and sometimes not doing, which makes it sort of hard to follow at times. Stick with consistency for easier reading. Also, I feel the detail about Forever and a day’s bassist should have probably been placed somewhere earlier in the paragraph as that’s a pretty major thing about an overall performance, rather than a detail on the end.

    Finally, though this may be more personal preference, but it might be nice to see band names bolded, just to seperate them from the text a bit more. Hell, if you wanted to be fancy, hyperlink their names to a myspace or something. Add a little extra touch.

    (Oh and finally, you seem to be missing the word “they” in “The Departed brought a great stage presence and positive attitude with them to the stage as performed a very hyper set in which the crowd began a mosh pit to it.”, which you may want to quickly edit. Also I feel “in which the crowd began a mosh pit to it” sounds a bit awkward. Read the sentence aloud to see if you can understand what I mean.)

    Best of luck!

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