Cerebral Bore – Manical Miscreation [2011]

Band: Cerebral Bore
Album: Manical Miscreation
Release year: 2011 [Re-release]
Genre: Death Metal/Grind

Glaswegian’s Cerebral Core are certainly doing nothing to rid the city of its hard man image, especially with their first full length album ‘Manical Miscreation’, re-released this April on Earache Records.

The album kicks off with the aptly name ‘Epileptic Strobe Entrapment’ with violently catchy riffs and drumming that makes you feel as if might fall into said epileptic fit at any moment. The riffing slides in perfectly alongside the rest of the instruments to create an odd sense of unease but in a very pleasant way.

The whole album exudes this frantic and energetic pace but with an underlying groove and holds not only the album together but makes it difficult to tear your ears away. It is violent, brutal and yet addictive listening.

Something very present in this album is a tongue planted firmly in cheek, which is very evident in the lyrics such as “Dead people taste good, just like chicken” from ‘Entombed in Butchered Bodies’. And of course, how can you not laugh at ‘24 Year Party Dungeon’ a song about Joseph Fritzl that has lines like “Joseph Fritzl, Fritzl, he is nice, Joe, Fritzl, 24 years of fun” and “She’ll see his evil pee pee.” They they don’t take themselves too seriously gives this album a fun atmosphere and makes it even more enjoyable
Cerebral Bore are certainly very talented musicians and manage to create something very catchy amongst the violent mayhem. The bass brings a groove that you don’t always hear in death metal nor grind and the guitars are vibrant and well written for. The drumming too is very well paced and uses more unusual rhythms rather sticking with the tried and tested.

Having a female vocalist adds another level to this band that works very well, her style is as savage as the rest of the band, if not more so. On ‘Flesh Reflects the Madness’ her vocals as vicious as a wolf attack and her pig squeals are very well performed.

There is also plenty of variation on this album, with the track ‘Manical Miscreation’ pulling back from the face crushing to slow down a little and allow the album breathing room. Many things on this album could drift easily into the generic and forgettable but is saved by clever writing and choosing their riffs and rhythms very carefully, helping this album to stand out from a crowd of faceless noise.

The flow of this album works extremely well, something that is helped by being very sharp, the right side of clean and very well executed. Cerebral Bore have all the right ingredients here to become huge.


Jade Hunter

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