Almost Today [Band Review]

Band: Almost Today
Country: Sweden
Genre: Pop-punk/Rock

Sweden, the country who gave birth to one of the first black metal bands, Bathory, who then went onto create “Viking Metal” has always been known for Vikings, death metal and pop music, however, it seems that Sweden is now becoming the home for pop-punk as well as can be seen by rise of “Almost Today”.

”My Best Is What You Get” has a very Paramore-sound to it in terms of the intro guitar riff. The vocals are how pop-punk vocals usually are. The drums seem generic in their playing, though fans of pop-punk music would have no problem with this. The guitar parts play some melodic and catchy hooks. The chorus is plain, somewhat of a let-down considering that most of the song is pretty decent. “The Door Is Locked” has a more rock-orientated approach to its sound, which would be considered an improvement for those who dislike pop-punk. The vocals are strong and the guitar parts are still pulling off some catchy and energetic hooks and riffs. The drum work seems more intelligent as well – An improvement compared to “My Best Is What You Get”.

”There’s No Love In A Lapdance” is another rock-orientated song in its beginning though it does soon adopt the pop-punk sound with the introduction of the vocals. The vocals have a slight Blink 182 sound to them – Just not as irritatingly whiney. The guitar sections aren’t too impressive, though they’re not exactly boring or dull either. The bass & drum part of the song is probably the most interesting aspect of the track. The sound of drums soon followed by a masterfully played guitar riff introduces the song known as “Scene Chicks”. The song sounds like a typical pop-punk song about girls – Though if this is a good thing or a bad thing remains yet to be seen. The riffs get pretty hypnotic in sections, though the drums don’t seem to fit in with the guitar riffs. The bass riffs are pretty good however. “The Life We Knew” takes a laid back approach, bringing a slightly solemn mood. The vocals are strong – For pop-punk. The guitars are nicely played and the drums work better with them during in this song – Always a plus. Though the song isn’t as energetic as the other songs, it seems to have more life in it. The surprising use of a guitar solo is mind-blowing – Even if it is ruined slightly by vocals being sung over it towards the end.

Almost Today are a talented bunch of lads and do show promise. They could even go as far a putting Swedish pop-punk on the map. These are a must-hear band for fans of Paramore, All Time Low and We Die Tonight. Almost Today’s mixture of pop-punk and rock is certainly a refreshing change from the usual generic sounding pop-punk found on the bigger music scenes.

Nico Davidson

2 Responses to “Almost Today [Band Review]”

  1. Except for goth, I believe Sweden is great in all music genres 😉

    Nice text, btw.

    • I’ve never heard Gothic music from Sweden – Unless Therion counts – But I can agree that most of the stuff I’ve heard from Sweden is good, just musically, it’s stereotyped to being all death metal which is unfortunate considering the other bands that are there.

      Glad you liked the review 🙂

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