Dry Pilot – Dry Pilot [2011]

Band: Dry Pilot
Album: Dry Pilot EP
Release year: 2011
Genre: Progressive Rock

Dry Pilot are a Leeds-based progressive rock band with all three members originating from Brildington, East Yorkshire. Though being a fairly young band, they have risen to acclaim in the Leeds underground music scene. Their self-titled debut EP is the first in what is hopefully a long line of releases.

The EP begins with “The Need For Money”, a song title that a lot of people can relate to. The beginning section is a genius mixture of guitars and impressive drum work. The vocals are strong but not overly powerful, which is fortunate. The riffs become slightly more technical as the song progresses yet staying simplistic at the same time. Already the EP is at a great start which does beg the question, can the rest of the EP live up to “The Need For Money”. ”Bended Knee” comes next with the answer and that answer is… Yes! It begins with more a funky kind of riff which will no doubt make people want to get up and dance along. Again, the vocals are powerful and the drums are precise to the beat. As the song progresses, it just gets better and better.

“Transparent” has a more drum orientated introduction which is soon accompanied by the bass and guitar. The riffs are intelligently played, blending well with the technicality of the drums and bass, making for a truly superior track. The vocals bring a very emotional feel to the track as well. This one is certainly the best one of the EP. The EP comes to end with “See Me, I’m Gone” which just carries on the musical genius found on the other tracks. The riffs are well composed and the drum sections are brilliant. “See Me, I’m Gone” is certainly chart topping material.

The debut release of any band is usually the defining factor of how well a band will fare in the future. Well, Dry Pilot are certainly going to fare brilliantly in the future. This EP is proof of it. Each track is better than the last, combining strong vocals with genius riffs and great drum work. Dry Pilot are clearly a band to keep an eye – and ear – out for. On stage or on recordings, there are a band that impresses!


Nico Davidson

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