Army of the Universe – Mother Ignorance [2011]

Band: Army of the Universe
Album: Mother Ignorance
Release year: 2011
Genre: Industrial / Electronic / Rock

All I can say is, “Thank goodness”.  This band has members coming from different genres of music and has produced, what I would call, a proper Industrial album.

We have Albert Vorne who is a master of Techno/Trance with his synthesizers.  An amazing lead singer from “Kult of the Skull God”, Lord K.  Davil, who manipulates guitars into sounds only the distortion gods know of. To top these skills and their names, this has been mixed by the well renowned Chris Vrenna who won a Grammy Award as a member of Nine Inch Nails.

I love Industrial music and listen to it most of the time.  Recently I have found there have been a lot of bands releasing music that they like to call Industrial.  Most of this music has been what I would call Rave/Metal.  This is not Rave/Metal, this is the beginning of Industrial music returning to its glory days.

The overture of “Mother Ignorance,” the name of the album, is a simple synthesizer beat which breaks into distortion, then the guitar and drums get to work on an amazing grind.  It’s a tune that makes you move, makes you want to listen.  This song sets the pace for the rest of the album.

“Love Dead”, their second song, is obviously influenced by NiN.  The song has a slow grind until the Chorus which breaks out into a synthetic piano tune underlying distortion.  This song is nothing but “Classic” Industrial music.

The interesting thing about this band is that they don’t stick with the same style of Industrial music.  “Goodnight” isn’t like “Love Dead” the previous song; it’s got more of a “Depeche Mode” influence.  I don’t mean “Depeche Mode” from the early 80’s, I’m taking about when they were doing their darker music in 94`.  The song starts with a strong, dare I say, “dance beat” and with a light hearted piano sound overlaying.  In moments of the song starting however the guitar kicks into action and everything becomes apparent this is not a simple song of light beats but beats with a breath taking grind of metal.

The Vocals throughout the album reminisces of “Billy Idol”.  The voice is light when needed for certain songs but has the power to thrash out the yell.  Perfect for the sound in which this band has created.

One song will always stick out for me in this LP.  It’s the cover of “Björk’s,” “Army of Me”.  I love the original and the cover that Helmet did in the 90’s but to have a band make an Industrial version of the song, it made me very happy.  This version of the song has the right amount of dryness at the start of the song which reminds you of desolation.  The pounding of the synthesiser drives onto the chorus which in turn takes you to another level of the song.

Although I have said that this band has created an amazing Industrial sound I also think they are at a junction of musical differences.  I can hear the Industrial pounds and grinds of bands like, “NiN,” “Gravity Kills” and “Rico” but I can also hear sounds that are different but potentially compatible like, “Depeche Mode” and “SONOIO”.

I certainly think this band will be one too listen to in the future and has a long future ahead of them.  They may struggle with their differences in musical direction but again this could be a pleasant mix of genre which will revitalise the Industrial scene and take it back from the Rave/Metal scene which calls themselves Industrial.


Alistair ‘Fireclown’ Law

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