Consecrated Flesh – From The Dying Earth [2011]

Band: Consecrated Flesh
Album: From The Dying Earth [Demo]
Release year: 2011
Genre: Black Metal/Thrash Metal

Consecrated Flesh are a thrash and black metal influenced quarter from Lancaster. “From The Dying Earth” is their most recent release.

The demo is already at a good start with the crushing and fast paced riffs of “Bow Down at the Altar Throne”. The drums are a full-on brutal assault and the vocals are grim and terrifyingly good. This is clearly a track that would make for a great mosh pit anthem. Even the length of it makes it immense. “Ethnogenesis” blasts its way next with an aggressive and bloodthirsty sounding intro section. Fast paced riffs and enraged drum sections feature heavily on this track as well, though there is a tremendous slow, light section half way through. The vocals are beastly and remarkable.

The third track, “Meteotsunami” starts with a slower paced riff compared to the previous tracks though the drums and vocals bring the barbaric assault of metal when they make themselves heard. The only problem with this track is that it’s too short when compared to the other three tracks on the demo. The final track, which is also the title track, “From The Dying Earth”, is pretty much the best track of the demo. The violent riffs, brutal and speedy drum sections and extreme and vehement vocals embody what black metal is meant to sound like.

”From The Dying Earth” displays and glorifies the talent of Consecrated Flesh. Each track seemed to be more violent, more aggressive and more passionately played than the previous one. “From The Dying Earth” is a great addition to any black metal fan’s collection.


Nico Davidson

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