Thurisaz – The Cimmerian Years [2011]

Band: Thurisaz
Album: The Cimmerian Years
Release Year: 2011
Genre: Atmospheric Blackened Death Metal

Thurisaz, named after the rune of the same name, have been dominating the Belgian metal scene since 1997 with their blend of atmospheric black metal and death metal. The blackened death metal quintet have returned with their most recent album “The Cimmerian Years”.

“Broken” is the first track of the album. It’s not an impressive track as such, due to slow drum section at the beginning and the use of bass and acoustic guitar mixed in with some strange sounds. However the track doe improve within the last few seconds of the track with the introduction of a heavier, more distorted guitar riff.  Fortunately, it’s only a short track. “My Precious Unknown” begins where “Broken” finished. The guitar riff has a touch of old skool black metal to it’s composition and the drums are brilliantly played. The riff changes before the vocals can be properly heard. The harsh vocals aren’t as good as one would expect, as they sound very strained. The clean vocals, however, are pretty good, blending well with the grunts and screams.

The third track, “Second Mirror”, is next beginning with a faded in guitar intro which gradually become louder. The keyboard sections work brilliantly with the drums and guitars and the screams sound much better than the previous track. The riffs seem to have more technicality to them. The clean vocals make an appearance on this track as well, bringing some softness to the brutality of the track. “Second Mirror” is certainly an improvement in the album, especially after the two previous tracks. The track ends on an aggressive yet symphonic styled note.

”No Regrets” comes next, beginning with a strange voice talking. The aggression of the guitars and drums come bursting on straight after, combined with the calmness of the keyboards which bring about a very dramatic atmosphere. The screams are still going strong and the grunts have become more powerful as well. Parts of this track have a very “Hecate Enthroned” styled sound which makes it more enjoyable. The last half of the track is dominated by clean vocals though the screams and grunts can still be heard, fortunately enough for those you aren’t a fan of clean vocals. “Fare Thee Well”, the fifth track on the album, begins with clean vocals which are followed by a slow paced riff and drum beat. The use of deep clean vocals gives the track a very bleak and depressing sound while the grunts bring the much needed aggression. The track increases in pace and heaviness eventually, though towards the end it goes back to been slow placed and lighter.

”The Carnival of Miscreation” has a power metal sound to begin with which is soon replaced when the vocals make themselves heard. The track has a brilliant contrast in sound between the melodic sections and brutal riffs. The clean vocals slightly ruin the track in certain sections however the screams make up for it. The piano section half through is both solemn and hypnotic. “Inner Voices” follows after, composed entirely of vocals and acoustic guitar, which sets a very calm mood for the listener. The clean vocals work well with the acoustic riff, which is no surprise. “Unhealed” brings back the aggression and brutality. The screams are a welcome change to the previous track as well. Part of the track turns softer for a while, with just piano and drums and some female vocals. The brutality does return however, combined with clean vocals and screams.

The last track of the album is “A Glance of Misperception”. The intro is eerie and soft. The brutality comes in eventually at a slow pace. The guitars bring some melody to the track as well. It’s almost three minutes into the track before any vocals are heard. After the first vocal section, the track turns soft again. Vocals can be heard of the eerie piano medley as well during in the second soft section of the track. Fortunately the track turns brutal again with the introduction of the grunts.

Despite the first two tracks, “The Cimmerian Years” is a brilliant album and it’s easy to see why “Thurisaz” have dominated to the Belgian metal scene. This is a must have album for any fan of atmospheric blackened death metal.


Nico Davidson

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  1. Thanx for the nice review!!!

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