Windrider – A Warriors Tale [2010]

Band: Windrider
Album: A Warriors Tale EP
Release Year: 2010
Genre: Folk Metal/Viking Metal/Yorkshire Metal

“A Warriors Tale” is the latest release from one-man, Hull-based musical extravaganza Windrider. Starting with “The Hall of the Slain”, one is bombarded straight away with the epic sound of keyboards combined with guitars and drums. Straight away the track sounds very Ensiferum influenced. The vocals are top notch. The guitar solo half way through just screams “epic” down the listener’s eardrums.

Straight after, comes the title track “A Warrior’s Tale” featuring some brutal sounding guitar work in its intro with some excellent synth work. The vocals slightly more brutal than on the previous track. The drums have a very technical meets “in your face” kind of sound, which works well with the keyboard and guitar.

The next track is “Across The Sea” and the track title itself gives the images of Nordic warriors braving the seas in quest of women and fame. The track begins with a solemn sounding keyboard melody alongside a guitar riff. The track turns heavier once the vocals are introduced and the use of clean vocals adds to the folkish feel of the EP. This is definitely the best track on the EP.

“Slaughter from the Shadows” is the final track. It begins with a vocal & keyboard intro, which goes on for a good minute or so before the tempo increases and the vocals turn more aggressive. The use of guitars throughout the track works reasonably well with the rest of the instruments and the vocals.

The EP is well produced and composed. It is another part of the legacy in the making known as Windrider and is one of the most epic pieces of musicianship that your ears will ever have the privilege of hearing. Windrider for number one? Hell yeah!


Nico Davidson

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