Ziyos – Master of Sin EP [2010]

Band: Ziyos
Album: Master Of Sin
Release Year: 2010
Genre: Metal


“Master Of Sin EP” is the debut release by British metalheads “Ziyos”. It was released in October 2010 via Emania Productions.

The first track of the EP is the title track “Master Of Sin”, which begins with a choppy guitar intro which leads into a more thrash sounding guitar riff. The vocals sound like a mixture of Dave Mustaine and Alice Cooper. The drums well played and bang on the beat. The bass fits in well with the rest of the track as well. The guitar solo has a very thrash metal sound to it, sort of like an old skool Metallica-meets-Megadeth sound. The guitar riffs throughout the track are just brilliant. The next track, “Blood Of The Aggressor”, starts with a bass intro which is soon accompanied by a pretty good guitar riff. The track soon turns heavy, which some lovely melodic parts as well. The vocals, again, have a very Alice Cooper/Dave Mustaine sound. Even the lyrics have a slight Megadeth element to them. “Blood Of The Aggressor” is clearly the best track on the EP and has the potential to be a mosh pit anthem!

“Ascension” is next. Beginning with a partially brutal guitar intro, which leads into a more intense, heavier riff. The use of double bass pedals are astounding as well. The vocals sound more like Mustaine on this track. The drums sound heavy and bang on the beat. There is a soft section during in the track, which just adds a whole new level of sheer immenseness to the track, especially as an amazing guitar solo follows straight after it. The last track “No Honour For The Fallen” comes next. It begins with the sound of planes flying overhead, alongside air raid sirens and gun fire. The guitars soon take over afterwards, setting the mood with a solemn guitar riff mixed with the tapping of symbols. The vocals are soft, which fits in so well with the soft guitar riff. The track soon turns heavy, with a high-pitched melodic guitar section.  The guitar solo is simply mind blowing. Afterwards, the track turns soft again, working it’s way to turn heavy again. The track finishes in a damn epic way as well.

“Master Of Sin EP” is perhaps one of the most impressive releases in the British metal scene since the days of the NWOBHM. It has everything a metal release should have: Solos, amazing riffs, great vocals and heavy drums. Ziyos have proven themselves to have the potential to become a household name in the British metal scene.


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