Svartsyn – Wrath Upon The Earth [2011]

Band: Svartsyn
Album: Wrath Upon The Earth
Release Year: 2011
Genre: Black Metal

Svartsyn (Norwegian for “Black Sight”) are a Swedish black metal band with a career spanning over 17 years. Coming into 2011, they now release their 13th release: Wrath Upon The Earth.

“Wrath Upon The Earth” begins with the generically titled track “Intro”, which isn’t much of a track as it is just composed of random orchestration along with some percussion. Straight after “Intro” comes “Wrath of Leviathan”, which begins with a combination of double bass pedals and distorted guitars. The vocals are what one would expect to find on a black metal album, though they seem soft compared to the music and in some parts of this track, they sound like they’re almost being drowned out by the music.

“My Mountain” comes blasting after wards and the music carries on it’s reign of brutal heavyness. Again, the vocals sound soft compared to the actual music. This track stays interesting with the change of tempo and direction of the drums and guitar, which is good considering the length of the track.

“Deathsworned” soon follows and it’s beginning sounds slightly similar to “My Mountain”. The music remains heavy and the vocals sound slightly stronger than the previous two tracks. The guitars anmd drums retain a constant, droning riff throughout most of this track and the vocals go pretty deep half way through.  This is possibly the worse track on the album.

Moving onto “Dawn of Triumph”, the guitars sound as if they’ve given a little tweak to the technical side of the riffs at the beginning of this track. The vocals remain weak and barely audible compared to the music. “Pyramids of Deathlight” comes on after with a slightly more technical guitar riff, which could possibly be a guitar solo though the distortion makes it difficult to tell. The vocals sound more aggressive and brutal, which is a huge improvement compared to the other tracks.

“Blood Temple” is next and it’s tempo is rather slow compared to the previous tracks. The riffs sound basic compared to the last two tracks and the drums sound slightly louder. The vocals have gone back to being weak, but as weak as they are on some of the other tracks. The track, overall, seems slightly weaker compared to the rest of the album. The final track, “He Who Knows” sounds a tad heavier than the previous track and the vocals seem to have regained the strength and brutality that they had on the track “Pyramids of Deathlight”. There are a few tempo changes on this track but it remains relatively fast. Overall, the track is uninteresting.

Overall, the album is mediocre at best. Musically, for the most part, it’s extremely good but vocally, it’s as bad as a Justin Bieber album. The composition of black metal has gone downhill since the 90s and this album proves that point. It’s not worth buying unless you’re a hardcore Svartsyn fan.


Nico Davidson

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