Meet The Staff

Nico Davidson (Real name: Nick Taylor)


Hi, I’m Nick but I’m more commonly known by my pen name “Nico Davidson”. I’m 22 years of age and the editor for this site.

Top Five Albums:
Iron Maiden – Number Of The Beast
Epica – Th Divine Conspiracy
Ravenage – Hardrada’s Fall EP
Megadeth – United Abominations
Amon Amarth – Twilight Of The Thunder God

Iza Raittila

Hi there,
I’m Iza, a multilingual marketing graduate originally from Warsaw,
Poland. I grew up in Manchester then studied in Southampton where I
met my husband Pekka. I got into metal when I was about 14 and I’ve
been a fan of it ever since. I love going to gigs and festivals. If
that means travelling to other cities and countries, even better. I’m
also a judo brown belt and a huge fan of ice hockey.

Top Five Albums:
Metallica- Master of Puppets
Children of Bodom- Follow the Reaper
Rammstein- Mutter
Cradle of Filth- Cruelty and the Beast
Vader- Black to the Blind

Hannah O’flanagan (Hammi)

Hammi is a born and bred fan of music, music in all its’ forms and functions. She’s studying for a Masters in Viking and Anglo-Saxon Studies at Nottingham, and hopes to one day use her studies to become a professional Viking, or Beowulf impersonator. Usually, you can find her dancing like a lunatic to anything- be it jiggable folk metal or chugging gothy industrial stuff, or even a bit of chart cheese. She’s not fussy, really. On a quieter day, she’s probably poring over some ancient Norse or Old English text, reading Harry Potter or wasting money on World of Warcraft or Magic: The Gathering. Or on real ale and cider.

Top Five Albums:
Amon Amarth- Twilight of the Thunder God
Florence + The Machine- Lungs
Ensiferum- Victory Songs
Turisas- Battle Metal
Finntroll- Ur Jordens Djup


 Black Diamond

Demolithia resides in the dark chambers below.Her main task is to moderate Ultimate Hell aswell taking care of the photo business UltimateHell Metal & Rockphotos, which currently appears on Facebook:
When she´s not all too busy shooting to kill, she point direction in SwedenMetal .

Check out Demolithias nocturnal doctrines:

Top 5 Albums:
Vomitory – Terrorize, Brutalize, Sodomize
Setherial – Ekpyrosis
Demonical – Servants Of The Unlight
Sorghegard – Holocaust Of The Holy
Blackwinds – Flesh Inferno

Renata Leno

Hello, people! My name is Renata but many people call me Pieni, or simply Pi. I’ve been listening to hard’n’heavy – all kinds of it – since I was 13, which means it’s a loooooooong time. Born and living in Portugal, but I travel quite a lot to attend concerts, which I photograph and write about – here, Front Row Forever and Backstage Music Forum.

Top Five Albums:
W.A.S.P. – The Crimson Idol
Sonic Syndicate – We Rule The Night
Children Of Bodom – Hate Crew Deathrole
Paradise Lost – One Second
Hardcore Superstar – Hardcore Superstar


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