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DEADLY REMAINS’ Severing Humanity Out Now On Deepsend Records

Posted in News on 8th June 2012 by markssonofjorvik

DEADLY REMAINS’ Severing Humanity Out Now On Deepsend Records

One  of the best new American death metal bands, California’s Deadly Remains  truly crushes all in its path. The band’s debut album, Severing Humanity,  is an impressive display of pure, brute force. Taking death metal to  the gates of hell in an absolute fury of rage, angst and absolute  torment. Fans of Hour of Penance, Abominable Putridity, Condemned or  Flesh Consumed, will be instant Deadly Remains minions. Order the album at this location.
Severing Humanity Cover Art & Track Listing:
Apocalyptic Birth
Cosmic Necrosis
Equilibrium Obsolete
Home Invasion
Human Trafficking
Instincts of Flesh
Memories of Defilement
Psalm of Impurity
Scriptures of Foreign Tongues
Severing Humanity
Promos are available for review, interview and airplay consideration. Please get in touch at for inquiries.
Deadly  Remains is from Northern California. The band came into existence in  the fall of 2006. They produced and released an eight track demo called Moral Crusade in 2008. Recorded at NB Recording Studios in Santa Rosa, CA Moral  Crusade afforded the band opportunities to play throughout California  and build a fan base. In fall of 2009 Deadly Remains released Before the Nothing (once again recorded/mixed/mastered at NB Recording Studios), featuring  artwork by Jon Zig as well as improved songwriting, musicianship, and  better production.

The  band toured the Pacific Northwest (CA, OR, WA, ID, UT, LV) on this  release. Over the past two years Deadly Remains has played shows in  theater halls, clubs, bars, warehouses, homes, back yards, and  everything in between. They have made numerous appearances at festival  type shows all over California and Nevada, and have had the privilege of  sharing the stage with notable bands such as Napalm Death, Kataklysm,  Toxic Holocaust, Flesh Consumed, Sepsism, Colonize the Rotting, Septycal  Gorge, Cerebral Incubation, Condemned, Embryonic Devourment, Putrid  Pile, Arkaik, Pathology, Inherit Disease and Vulvectomy.
Josh Kerston-Guitars
Ian Andrew-Vocals/Guitars
Chris Dericco-Bass
James Royston-Drums
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HUMANGLED: Odd Ethics EP Out Now On Abyss Records

Posted in News on 8th June 2012 by markssonofjorvik

Odd Ethics, the newest EP from Italian death metal act HUMANGLED, is now available via Abyss Records. The follow up to 2010′s Fractal, Odd Ethics sees the band taking bold steps into new musical territory, while attacking the social aberration and hypocrisy born from our lack of ethics and common sense. HUMANGLED recently released a video for the track “Needles of the Blind.”  The clip was directed by Andrea Falaschi and points out the blindness of  medical science, describing the unpredictable damages of combined  collateral effects obtained with therapeutic obstinacy. Visit this location to watch.

Odd Ethics was tracked at Italy’s Mel-1 Studiosand mixed/mastered at Unisound Studio in Örebro, Sweden by Dan Swanö (EDGE OF SANITY, HAIL OF BULLETS, NOVEMBERS DOOM). Cover art for Odd Ethics was designed by artist Marko Somero.

Needles of the Blind

Skinned, to Feel All

Smells Acrid

Deny Your Creed

Andrew Goreds – Vocals
Luke Scurb – Guitar
Vhell Miscarriage – Guitar
Frank Nichols – Bass
Fred Valdaster – Drums
Abyss Records has officially kicked off their Summer of Sickness Campaign 2012. The label will unleash six releases over the next six weeks. Look for albums from HUMANGLED, FETUS STENCH, RADIATION SICKNESS, CORROSIVE CARCASS, SOUTHWICKED and ROCKING CORPSES in the coming weeks. Go HERE for updates and details.



Digital promos for all of the above releases are available to the media for review, interview and airplay consideration. Contact for inquiries.

ABYSS RECORDS Official Label & Online Music Store:
ABYSS RECORDS Official My Space:
ABYSS RECORDS Official FaceBook:
ABYSS RECORDS Official ReverbNation:
ABYSS RECORDS Official You Tube: MinionfortheAbyss



ComaTour 2012 Featuring Kraanium, Atrocious Abnormality and Coathanger Abortion Starts Tomorrow

Posted in News on 7th June 2012 by markssonofjorvik

The ComaTour 2012, featuring Comatose Music acts KRAANIUM, ATROCIOUS ABNORMALITY and COATHANGER ABORTION, kicks off tomorrow night at Ground Zero in Spartanburg, SC. For updates and details, join the ComaTour Event Page.
Each band will have brand new tour merchandise available and the Comatose Music Store will be set up at each show. The label has put together a tour promo video featuring sample clips from all three bands. Visit this location to check it out.

06/08/12 Spartanburg, SC @ Ground Zero 06/09/12 Charleston, SC @ Oasis Bar and Grill 06/10/12 Chattanooga, TN @ Ziggy’s 06/11/12 Shreveport, LA @ The Tiki Bar 06/12/12 Dallas, TX @ The Boiler Room 06/13/12 Oklahoma City, OK @ The Black Hole 06/14/12 Albuquerque, NM @ The Launch Pad 06/15/12 Tempe, AZ @ Yucca Tap Room 06/16/12 Las Vegas, NV @ Cheyenne Saloon (Las Vegas Deathfest) 06/18/12 Pueblo, CO @ Phil’s Radiator 06/19/12 Manhattan, KS @ Johnny Kaws 06/20/12 Peoria, IL @ The Brass Rail 06/21/12 Lansing, MI @ Blackened Moon Concert Hall 06/22/12 Ft. Wayne, IN @ The Tiger Room 06/23/12 Milwaukee, WI @ The Blue Pig Bar

KRAANIUM will be touring in support of their third full-length of gore-drenched and perverse brutal death, Post Mortal Coital Fixation. out now on Comatose Music. The album was recorded by Vadir Ermesjo and Kraanium at Studio Rolighed in Norway and mastered Colin Davis of Imperial Mastering. The band has posted a teaser video at this location

WOODS OF YPRES Merchandise Bundles Available to Benefit David Gold

Posted in News on 7th June 2012 by markssonofjorvik
On  Dec 21, 2011, there was a shock wave felt around the world when David  Gold of Ontario’s WOODS OF YPRES died on Highway 400. In loving memory  of this immensely talented artist and beautiful human being, the family  of David Gold has made available a range of merchandise bundles at this locaton.
Paypal information is included, so please make a purchase in memory of  the man that meant so much to so many with his creative, emotionally  deep contribution to music. All proceeds from the sales are used to  cover funeral costs and other expenses resulting from David’s death.
David’s mother Esther Gold wrote about her son in her e-mail to us and we are honored to assist in spreading the word.

We  and thousands of people are learning to live life without David. David  was courageous to create songs about love, love lost, facing challenges,  celebrating joys and accepting and understanding consequences of  another’s behavior. None have control over others, but one has control  of reactions and responses, and then makes choices. We all are survivors  of loss.
With  no exaggeration,  hundreds of people have contacted us  with  testimonies about how David’s lyrics impacted their lives, helped them  to make changes resulting in personal growth, motivating them and  inspiring them to follow their dreams.
As David’s family, of me, Esther, siblings Michael, Laura and Marie, we need help to promote David’s CD and merchandise sales.
We  had a Tribute concert in Toronto and one in Sault Ste. Marie. The Metal  Community has become family as we all share in our time of deep sorrow.  I was proudly, M.O.F., mom of four, now I am M.O.M., Mom of many. Those  who grieve David as a multi-talented musician, admit they grieve the  loss of their brother. I have become a Mom figure to many and David’s  siblings are now considered to be family to those who miss David.
There  is so much positive press created about David. It is said” when we are  born, we cry. We hope when we die, thousands cry.” In  David’s case,  thousands cried, and their lives are forever changed because their David  is no longer with them.
Thank  you for helping to honor my son, and to recognize all who must learn to  live life remembering David’s lyrics, “love the living while they are  alive,” and life is not the destination, but it is the journey.” David  admitted writing lyrics, with empathy, for those who needed to hear  them, or learn from them, and he wrote from his own experiences from his  heart and  from his soul. David was a man with many dimensions, not  just his music. He was well educated, with three university degrees, was  a teacher, a multi-talented musician, burned the candle from both ends,  with high energy and  determination. In the Finnish language is a word  “SISU.” David was “SISU,” personified.

Cianide’s The Dying Truth Reissue Out Now on Deathgasm Records

Posted in News on 7th June 2012 by markssonofjorvik

‘s been a long time coming, but CIANIDE’s 1992 Death ‘n Doom landmark album

The Dying Truth has gotten a special reissue treatment from Deathgasm Records, this  time with its originally-intended track order! The reissue also includes  as bonus tracks 1990′s Funeral demo and 1991′s Second Life demo, as well as new liner notes detailing the story of the album and  its ultimate reissuance on Deathgasm. All songs have been remastered and  edited by John Alexander.

“This is the heaviest and sickest death metal that you will EVER hear.” – Mike Abominator (
The Dying Truth Cover Art & Track Listing:
Scourging at the Pillar

The Dying Truth
The Suffering
Human Cesspool
Crawling Chaos
Second Life

Funeral Demo:

Morbid Restitution
Choose Your Death

Second Life Demo:

The Dying Truth

Human Cesspool
The Suffering
Second Life

Morbid Execution’s Vulgar Darkness Out Now on Deathgasm Records

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Deathgasm Records is proud to announce the release of MORBID EXECUTION’s Vulgar Darkness,  the first full-length album from this Polish cult of sodomy and death.  Featuring members of Throneum, the album bleeds filth and vile old  school darkness that is tailor made for devotees of Hellhammer, Sodom  and Bathory. Seven songs of alcohol fueled Satanic evil!
Vulgar Darkness Cover Art & Track Listing:
Twisted Maniacs
Wizards of Silesia
Rusted and Demonized
Dreadful Romance
Hell’s Driven Anger
Remain Breathless
Vulgar Darkness
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Brume d’Automne’s Self-titled Album Coming June 12 th on Sepulchral Productions

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Seven  years after their debut album, one of the forerunners of the “Métal  Noir Québécois” movement is back at last! Athros (Forteresse/Ur Falc’h)  and Nordet (Ur Falc’h) return with a self-titled album on June 12th (Sepulchral Productions) that is both harsher and more epic than
Fiers et Victorieux,  while keeping that firmly Québécois side which has gained the band many  fans since 2005. With a bit less emphasis on folkloric passages, and  with a rawer, more furious approach, on the new release Brume d’Automne  takes a stab at classic Black Metal, while incorporating its very own,  distinctive twist in what is yet again an album that those following  Québec’s Black Metal scene will not want to miss!

Brume d’Automne Cover Art & Track Listing:
Tels des Béliers
Traditionnelle 4
L’esprit du Courant
Rouge Souvenir d’Antan
Le Lieu de la Vengeance
Moé, j’me Souviens!
Saint Eustache – Traditionnelle 5
Quand les Corbeaux Crient leur Haine


Please get in touch with for all press inquires

Founded  in 2003 by Athros (Forteresse/Ur Falc’h) and Nordet (Ur Falc’h), Brume  d’Automne is considered as one of the forerunners of the “Métal Noir  Québécois” movement. Blending raw Black Metal with Québec’s  traditional/folkloric music, the group released their first album, Fiers et Victorieux,  in 2005. Even though the album had a large influence on Québec’s Black  Metal scene and helped shaped it as it stands today, the group went  dormant for five years afterwards, emerging again in 2010 on a split 7″  with Forteresse. At long last, the group will release their  eagerly-awaited sophomore album on June 12, 2012 through Sepulchral  Productions.


Brume d’Automne is:

Athros : Guitars, bass, drums
Nordet : Guitars, vocals


Sepulchral Productions to Release BORGNE’s Royaume des Ombres June 12th

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Quebec’s Sepulchral Productions has set June 12th as the date on which Royaume des Ombres from Swiss atmospheric/industrial black metallers will be made  available for mass consumption. BORGNE strikes back with a vengeance  with what is undoubtedly its most accomplished work to date. Moving  forward in the darker and more complex direction hinted on Entraves de l’Âme,  while still retaining the mechanical hatred and blistering speed fans  of the band have come to expect, BORGNE will pummel listeners with  nearly 60 minutes of brutal, creepy and suffocating songs, while adding  an epic twist.

Royaume des Ombres Cover Art & Track Listing:
Fall of the Lost Souls
Suffer as I Paid my Grave
In the Realm of the Living I’m Dead
Only the Dead Can be Heard
All These Screams Through Me
The Last Thing You Will See

“Borgne  has surpassed itself on this very heavy and oppressive opus. The  magnificence and gigantism of a limitless production gives free rein to  the insidious genius of its creator”

5.5 / 6 – Cynthia Mourato, Metalian Magazine


Please get in touch with for all press inquires

Hailing  from Switzerland, and thus being the first group from outside of Québec  signed on Sepulchral Productions, BORGNE plays cold, mechanical and  inhumane Industrial/Black Metal, as martial as it is hypnotic. Do not  expect any lame techno beats here, only blistering Black Metal done in a  more “synthetic” way, with a dense, suffocating sound and some dark  ambient passages. After  thirteen years of activity, five albums and now formed as a live band,  Borgne will be headed by: Bornyhake (Enoid, ex-Krigar), XaX  (ex-Disaster, ex-Unborned, ex-Sword), Lady Kaos (ex-Ipsum), Ardelean  (ex-Krigar, Fosse, Euclidean) and Quaoar (Astral Silence).

Bornyhake : Vocals, guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, programming, cello
Guests :
Ardelean : Guitars
Lady Kaos : Keyboards
Phaesphoros : Guitars
Quaoar : Bass
Xax : Guitars

Interview: Jenny Green [Cryptic Age]

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For York based Folk Metal band CRYPTIC AGE 2012 is going to be one hell of a year and a year that should see them truly emerge and blossom on to the scene. This is the year that Cryptic Age release their debut album entitled ‘Sounds Of Infinity’ and for a teaser if you visit their website you can stream the excellent new track from the album, ‘Eternity Beckons’.

If you think that is all the band have on though you’d better guess again. This year will see Cryptic Age grace the stage at both the Metalcamp Festival in Slovenia as well as the Warhorns Festival right here in York with the mighty Skyforger.

So with all that in mind, here is what keyboard player and vocalist Jenny Green had to say on all things Cryptic Age, from the new album to metalcamp with a stop off on the Isle Of Man for good measure.

With this being your debut album, were there any nerves or worries regarding the writing process?

I wouldn’t say nerves, but I think we took a step up from our EP on the quality of the songs. Sometimes we made up a really good riff really fast, but other times we changed things a lot until we thought they sounded good enough.

How do you feel the overall finished article has come out?

We are personally very happy with it. We’ve managed to accumulate a style we were still trying to find with our EP, the overall sound quality is far better than before and the songs flow together very well. And also the artwork is amazing!

Who was responsible for the artwork?

The artwork was done by two guys who make up a small company called Kogain Art. The album art was up for sale, but it was archived on the website so it was pure chance that we managed to find it.

What was the bands inspiration lyrically and musically for Sounds Of Infinity?

Well our inspiration on both musical and lyrical terms for the album came from countless places. We did stick to a few rules though, in that we wanted the album to maintain its overall folky sound which is the bread and butter, while the more symphonic, black, thrash and progressive elements are extra factors of our music that we think give us a unique style.

With the lyrics, we also had a few rules. We wanted to put more Manx Gaelic on there because of popular demand and of course we wanted them to be memorable and visual. The only difference is the sixth track Sea Invocation, which is an arrangement of a Manx traditional song.

So where does your love of folkish/gaelic styles come from?

For me it comes from my upbringing on the Isle of Man. Manx folk music I suppose sounds very similar to Irish music but still has its unique aspects. So we like to maintain a real sense of folk metal which stems from Manx folk music, which gives our sound subtle differences to possibly the more generic folk sound other bands may use. And of course I love folk metal ever since I got into Finntroll and Eluveitie. In fact it’s probably my favourite metal genre.

So part of the new album is a four parter by the same name as the album, whats it about?

Well it’s based off a Manx legend where if you put your head to the ground on top of Dalby mountain, you can hear the sounds of spirits, known as Sheean ny Feaynid. This loosely translates as ‘Sounds of Infinity’ although it also means ‘Sounds from Space’ so I personally wanted to re-capture this theme in the concept of revelation that there is so much more out there than one may first think. The story itself is something we wrote: I play a Manx woman whose husband is out at sea during a terrible storm. Unfortunately he doesn’t make it back alive and I becoming mad with grief. I then remember the legend of Sheean ny Feaynid and set out to Dalby mountain to find them. I finally reach them and then supposedly they take me up so I can be united with my husband once again. However we left the ending very ambiguous. For all we know she could have committed suicide from madness and these spirits never existed, or it could have actually happened. It’s left to the imagination of the listener.


Now the new album isn’t the only exciting thing going on with Cryptic Age right now, how did the Metalcamp Festival slot come about?

Well we were very surprised at this – all we did was register our band on the metalcamp website. Then there was some kind of poll as to which unsigned bands should play and we were on there. We thought nothing of it and there was no word on it for months. But then suddenly Hallam got an email from them and there we have it.

Thats amazing, so which bands on the bill are you looking forward to sharing the stage with?

Well the rest of the bands on the second stage are none we have heard of since most come from Slovakia or Croatia, however I’m looking forward to seeing the Furious Horde since they’re symphonic black metal, which I love, and of course they are a band reigning from familiar territory. We also got a message from Avven who said they were looking forward to seeing us. On the first stage there are so many bands I can’t wait to see: Epica, Finntroll, Eluveitie and Scepticflesh to name a few.

That’s going to be an excellent experience, and then you’ve also got a spot at the Warhorns Festival supporting amongst others Skyforger, so would you say 2012 is really going to be the year that boosts your musical career?

Well I never like to predict the future too much, but I can certainly say that we’ve made great progress this year and hopefully next year will be the same!

The new album from CRYPTIC AGE is out right now and you can buy it HERE!

The Gathering releasing new single, album info and cover artwork!

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‘Meltdown’ – the single

The Gathering proudly presents the brand new song ‘Meltdown’ as a taster from their upcoming album ‘Disclosure’! Again they  release an epic song with emotional atmosphere and a typical the Gathering  touch. This time though, the band also has a brand new voice colouring the song;  Frank Boeijen (keyboards)!

You can listen to ‘Meltdown’

Like ‘Heroes for Ghosts’ (the bands previous single  released last year) this song is available as a free download at the Gathering bandcamp page!

‘Disclosure’ – the album The new album will be released through Psychonaut Records the 12th of  September 2012.

‘Disclosure’ is the most personal soundscape the band ever made, both  lyrically and musically’, Frank Boeijen says. He continues: ‘The album is a  great marriage between electronic and organic sounds, and has a wide range of  colourful songs. With long epic songs we stayed close to ourselves. We are  incredible proud of this album which is a reflection of what we do best, and our  urge for experiment. The album will be released September 12th and will feature  tracks like: Paper Waves, Meltdown, Heroes for Ghosts, Gemini, Missing  Seasons, See for Miles, Paralyzed. This time the beautiful art work for the  album is made by the artist Carlos Vergara Rivera ( Chile ). The  handcrafted cover art is inspired by our track ‘Heroes for Ghosts’ released last  year.’

The Gathering: Frank Boeijen – keyboards, vocals, Marjolein Kooijman – bass, Hans Rutten – drums, René Rutten – guitars, Silje Wergeland – vocals

The album can already be pre-order before it goes on retail with  exclusive packages from the bands webshopright now. All package orders will get a poster and sticker for  free. If you order a Full Package you’ll also get a brand new 10 inch vinyl EP  ‘Afterlights’ for free! This EP is pressed on coloured vinyl, contains  exclusive tracks. It will be hand numbered, and limited to 1000 copies. Webshop  orders and packages will be shipped the 28th of August.

Produced by René Rutten Drums recorded with Studio 2 mobile at  Studiobizz Engineered by René Rutten Silje’s vocals recorded at Conclave & Earshot studios Engineered by Herbrand Larsen & Arve Isdal Additional recordings at Studio 2 Engineered by René Rutten Mixed by  Guido Aalbers at GieSound Mastered by Paul Matthijs Lombert at The Mastering  Factory
Tracklist (could change):

  1. Paper Waves
  2. Meltdown
  3. Gemini I
  4. Heroes For Ghosts
  5. Missing Seasons
  6. See For Miles
  7. Paralyzed
  8. Gemini II

-The Gathering’s 10th studio album -Marriage between organic and electronic sounds -Personal album, both  musical and lyrical -Diverse: epic, long tracks but also ‘small’  songs -Frank (keyboard) is doing main vocals on ‘Meltdown’ -Harmony  vocals by the whole band

Sylvan Realm’s The Lodge of Transcendence Full Album Stream at

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SYLVAN REALM’s 2011 eclectic dark metal masterpiece The Lodge of Transcendence (Reverie Recordings) is now streaming in its entirety at The Lodge of Transcendence infuses various elements of black metal, doom, progressive metal, 70′s  psychedelic rock, 80′s heavy metal, death, thrash, neo-folk, and more.  SYLVAN REALM is a progressive band in the sense that these diverse  styles are entwined to form a unique, exquisite blend of dark intense  music that sounds unlike anyone else. The approach to breaking down  barriers is an original one, yet rather than seeking to reinvent the  wheel, SYLVAN REALM draws upon its influences as a vehicle for traveling into uncharted territories. The Lodge of Transcendence is an album that deserves to be heard.

Sylvan Realm Disappear Into the Landscape Temple of Not Lodge of Transcendence

Twilight Kingdom
SYLVAN REALM is currently seeking distribution outlets for The Lodge of Transcendence, as well as any labels interested in releasing the album on vinyl. Interested parties should contact Members of the press and media can get in touch at to discuss coverage possibilities. Hosts Premier Of Mortal Infinity Song “Radical Response”

Posted in News on 4th June 2012 by markssonofjorvik has hooked up with Digital Media Records and MORTAL INFINITY for the exclusive premier of the track “Radial Response” off the German thrash act’s forthcoming album, District Destruction. For a fistful of relentless and hook-laden thrash, click yourself over to this location and turn it up.
Digital Media Records will release District Destruction from German thrashers MORTAL INFNITY on June 15th. MORTAL INFINITY offers an album’s worth of surgically precise, immediately memorable, and frighteningly ferocious thrash metal. The album was recorded at Sound Lodge Studios from Joerg Uken (God Dethroned, Dew-Scented, etc), ensuring maximum riff crunch and laceration potential. Taking influence from the likes not only the Bay Area (Exodus, Testament, etc) and German (Destruction, Kreator) scenes, but also acts like Slayer and Lamb of God, MORTAL INFINITY’s District Destruction is one debut album that plays like it was made by 20-year veterans.

Metalfest Austria Open Air (Main Stage) – Mamling (A) May 31- June 5

Castle Invasion Open Air – Burg Frauenstein (A) Aug 17-18

Metal Orgy – Braunau(A) Sept 22

“District Destruction” will satisfy even the pickiest of thrashers.”Axis of Metal

“If you crave some balls out thrash without the unnecessary gimmicks, definitely get worked up for the upcoming Mortal Infinity offering, District Destruction. This album is full-on blunt force trauma to the senses, and takes you back to the 90′s thrash era where death-inspired grooves and wicked hooks ruled the earth.”Axes to Grind

Get in touch at for press inquiries.

Mortal Infinity is a Thrash Metal Band from Bavaria/Germany. The band combines their influences from old school Bands like Exodus, Testament, Pantera and Slayer with modern bands like Lamb of God to create their own trademark. Mortal Infinity was founded 2009 by lead singer Marc Doblinger and bass player Sigi Weinhart. After the usual changes in the early lineup, they hit the stage with guitar players Sebastian Unrath and Thomas Harlander, who both play rhythm and lead guitar, and Frank Fiedler on drums. Early in 2011 Mathias Erber joined the band to fill in for bass player Sigi W. who quit to attend a university of applied sciences. Later that year Frank F. left the band because of his health issues, so Mathias E. switched to drums and Daniel Hofer joined Mortal Infinity as the new bass player.This is the line up that recorded the debut District Destruction at the Sound Lodge Studios with Joerg Uken (God Dethroned, Dew-Scented) late 2011. May 2012 had a historic moment for the band when a contract was signed with Digital Media Records, a proud event for the band indeed. Mortal Infinity are playing numerous shows in Europe (e.g. Metalfest Austria with Megadeth) and looking forward to seeing you on the road!


Marc Doblinger – Vocals

Thomas Harlander – Rhythm Guitar

Sebastian Unrath – Lead Guitar

Daniel Hofer – Bass

Mathias Erber – Drums MortalInfinity MortalInfinity DigitalMediaRecords


PRC Music Owner Issues Statement On Passing Of Steeve Hurdle

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We are very sad to announce the death of guitarist and composer Steeve Hurdle on May 20, 2012. Founding member of PURULENCE and NEGATIVA, and ex-GORGUTS, Steeve leaves a rich and original musical heritage. But he will be remembered mostly for his friendly and unreserved character.
Metal fans of the world are losing a monument of the scene, an exemplary composer and a creative mind that knew no boundaries. Relatives are mourning the man, the son, the brother and the beautiful soul that he was.
“Losing a friend like Steeve is a shock for me. We knew, cheered for and supported each other for the last 23 years. Steeve was wholehearted: a true musician, a true passionate being. He was gearing up for the next chapter of NEGATIVA. We were discussing it after deciding to reedit the first mini-CD: studio, promo, events, concerts, etc. We were getting ready to work together, just like in the good old days of PURULENCE. I was really excited at this perspective, but mostly, I was looking forward to sharing laughs, ideas and all these moments where you know you are at the right place, the right moment with the right person.”
Thank you for crossing my path, Steeve. Rest in peace, Brother.” Rémi – PRC MUSIC
You can view pictures and videos of Steeve at
You can send condolences to Steeve’s family and friends here: groups/176341639162283/

PRC MUSIC To Unleash A Death-Thrash Assault In July

Posted in News on 2nd June 2012 by markssonofjorvik, is pleased to announce the release of five crushing albums of brutal, blackened death thrash  in the month of July!!! Available at your local metal-selling music store, online and at Metalhit: http://metalmaniacs.bigcartel. com/artist/metalhit-com

GRAVE DESECRATOR’s “Deathspells Rising,” under license from Despise the Sun Records, this album showcases the band’s early history through rare demo and rehearsal recordings. The album also includes tracks from their vinyl releases as well as a new song.

HORDES OF THE MORNING STAR “Consummatum Est,” nearly four years after its inception, following several years and several labels, this album is now available for the first time in the flesh, re-recorded with an augmented line-up, and including an additional new track. The Hordes create dark, haunting   atmospheres utilizing elements of black metal, death metal, and doom. “Consummatum Est” is an album which revolves around the idea of   conclusions, of abrupt ends, of feverish chaos. Recorded at Winter Skies Productions (PHOBIA, NOISEAR, and more).

BESTIAL HOLOCAUST “Into the Goat Vuvla,” under license from Iron Bonehead Rec., is the third album of the band, promising an infernal assault of underground blackened death   thrash in the true South American spirit. Hailing from   Bolivia and fronted by the wicked female vocals of Sonia Sepulcral, this   album will rip you to shreds from beginning-to-end.

DEATHRONATION “Exorchrism,” is Germany’s answer to cult death metal in the old vein, inspired by the likes of GORGUTS, IMMOLATION, PESTILENCE, etc. No Swede worship here…just pure utter raw death metal! Includes the “A Soil Forsaken” demo as a bonus!

POISONOUS “Perdition’s Den,” originally published exclusively on vinyl from Sweden’s Blood Harvest Records, this new CD edition offers this brutal slab of death metal on CD format. Features new cover art by Mark Riddick, along with extra bonus tracks. For fans of real, classic death metal  that will crush you under the weight of its it’s analog hammer of poseur-slaughtering justice!

About is metal’s premiere underground digital music store, featuring more than 20,000 high-fidelity Mp3s and full albums for $4.99. represents the core of the underground black/death/doom metal movement, supporting the digital music catalogs of more than one hundred different extreme metal labels, delivering content to the top digital music vendors worldwide. In 2012, Metalhit expanded their medium by releasing CD albums under their own label. Metalhit also manages, a leader in extreme metal media coverage since 1989. titles are available on CD at:,, CM Distro, Omega Mailorder,, Best Buy, FYE, HMV, Barnes & Noble and all fine metal retailers titles are available digitally at:, iTunes, eMusic,, Rhapsody, Napster, Yahoo Music, AOL Music, Zune, Spotify,  and other digital music retailers Re-Issues COLOSSEUM Doom Metal Albums For The USA

Posted in News on 1st June 2012 by markssonofjorvik, under license from Firebox Music, have re-issued all three albums from Finnish doom metal legends, COLOSSEUM. The band are best known for their severely atmospheric and richly depressive doom compositions. Their first album, “Chapter 1: Delirium,” is often heralded as a “must have” for all doom enthusiasts.

The band boasts Juhani Palomaki, of YEARNING fame, on vocals, who sadly passed away in 2010, leading to the band’s departure. In spite of this, all three “chapters” of the band’s career remain as monoliths for the doom metal scene to engage and appreciate to this day.

Now rare and hard-to-find, these three albums are made available again, this time in digipak format with updated art and design. The band’s last album, “Chapter 3: Parasomnia” features all new cover artwork.

All three albums are available for purchase at your local metal-carrying music store, online and at Metalhit: http://metalmaniacs.bigcartel. com/products?search=colosseum

About is metal’s premiere underground digital music store, featuring more than 20,000 high-fidelity Mp3s and full albums for $4.99. represents the core of the underground black/death/doom metal movement, supporting the digital music catalogs of more than one hundred different extreme metal labels, delivering content to the top digital music vendors worldwide. In 2012, Metalhit expanded their medium by releasing CD albums under their own label. Metalhit also manages, a leader in extreme metal media coverage since 1989. titles are available on CD at:,, CM Distro, Omega Mailorder,, Best Buy, FYE, HMV, Barnes & Noble and all fine metal retailers titles are available digitally at:, iTunes, eMusic,, Rhapsody, Napster, Yahoo Music, AOL Music, Zune, Spotify,  and other digital music retailers

DARKENED NOCTURN SLAUGHTERCULT(ger) to record new album this summer

Posted in News on 1st June 2012 by markssonofjorvik

German black  metallers DARKENED NOCTURN SLAUGHTERCULT will enter  the studio during the summer to  record their fifth album, the  follow-up to “Saldorian  Spell”. The new album will be released in late 2012 through War-Anthem Records. Title, track-list,  guests and tons of important details about the new release will be revealed  soon.

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BE’LAKOR: full album available for streaming

Posted in News on 1st June 2012 by markssonofjorvik
Kolony Records and Apoch’s Metal Review have teamed up for an exclusive audio  stream of the new BE’LAKOR  album ‘Of Breath and  Bone’. You can check out the entire release  streaming at the following  link:
The  streaming starts on Friday, June 1st and will be pulled on Friday,  June 8th.
‘Of Breath and  Bone’ has been released today (June 1,  2012)  by Kolony Records.
You can  purchase the album now from and
‘Of Breath and Bone’ track  listing: 01. Abeyance 02. Remnants 03. Fraught 04. Absit Omen 05. To  Stir the Sea 06. In Parting 07. The  Dream and the Waking 08. By Moon and  Star
‘Of Breath and Bone’ was  recorded at Pennydrop Audio in Melbourne by Warren  Hammond. The album was mixed  and mastered at Fascination Street Studios  (OPETH, AMON AMARTH, PARADISE  LOST) in Sweden by Jens Bogren.

Warriors Of Metal Pre-Fest Showcase Lineup and Location Announced

Posted in News on 31st May 2012 by markssonofjorvik

Amelia, OH, May 31,  2012.  Warriors of Metal, Inc. is excited to announce the lineup and  location of Warriors Of Metal Fest V Open Air’s Pre-Fest Showcase to  take place on Thursday, June 28th at The Shrunken Head Rock Club at 251  West 5th Avenue in Columbus, OH.  Doors open at 7:00 pm and the show  starts at 8:00 pm.  Ticket price for this engagement is just $10,  available only at the  door.

In order of appearance, the participating bands are as follows:  Youngstown, OH Power Tharash Metal band MeteorFall will kickstart the show, followed by Marietta, OH’s KLNZR.  Chillicothe, OH veterans of WOM Fest I, II & IV, Age Of Distrust (AOD) will keep the audience warm for the “Massachusetts Metal Invasion of Ohio” which will be initiated by Worcester, MA’s Skull Hammer playing direct support to the former Metal Blade recording artists and headliner of the night, Ravage.  Carbondale, IL’s ZüüL will keep the energy high and last but not least, Framingham, MA’s Speed Metallers of Seax will bring the night to a high octane conclusion.

All attendees shall receive a raffle ticket at the door for a drawing of a “Bag  O’Metal” prize at the end of the show.

Tickets for Warriors Of Metal Fest V Open Air are still available at but June 28th is the last day for the purchase of discounted advanced  tickets online.  For any information regarding the festival please visit  the Fest website above or

ABORYM to record new album in October

Posted in News on 31st May 2012 by markssonofjorvik

ABORYM will enter the studio in October to record their sixth album, the follow-up to Psychogrotesque. The new album will be released in early 2013 through Agonia Records. Title, track-list, guests and tons of important details about the new release will be revealed soon. The band is also working on a special song in order to celebrate the anniversary of the first 20 years of the band’s career, an assembly of riffs, ideas, lyrics, loops, grooves sent by fans. Furthermore, a big fan-wall poster is under construction, with hundreds of photos from the fans. You’ll find all the infos and restrictions on sending audio and visual material inside the fan area section on

SEXCREMENT’s Sloppy Seconds Out Now Via Comatose Music

Posted in News on 30th May 2012 by markssonofjorvik

Sloppy Seconds. the newest platter of perversion from Massachusetts’  miscreants of monolithic death groove Sexcrement is out now via Comatose Music.  Mixed by Eliot Bayless  (Revocation) and mastered at New Alliance East (Converge, Trap Them),  this album serves up a full frontal assault of brutally colossal, yet  rockin’ heaviness, marinted in all things perverse & taboo.  With  their sophomore release, these depraved bottom feeders (vocalist Adam  Mason, bassist Blue Spinazola, drummer Devon Hunt and guitarist Evan  Duplessis) have crafted their finest display of disgusting devastation  to date. The album is available for purchase at this location.

This is music Buffalo Bill fucks hard to when applying lotion to his skin… [9/10] - Nefarious Realms
Florida-style death metal with a little thrash, a little death ‘n’ roll,  and a lot of . . . deviance. It also includes a dash of grind, a dose  of d-beat, a sprinkling of slam, and a fistful of groove. It’s  fast-paced and in-your-face and as headbang material goes, it’s aces. - No Clean Singing
To  add to the excitement, the band alongside underground filmmaker Victor  Bonacore/Chainsaw Kiss Productions has recently debuted the video for the  first single, ‘Trucker Bombed.’  Starring legendary horror scream queen  Linnea Quigley (Return of the Living Dead, Silent Night Deadly Night)  the video is a urine soaked journey into the darker side of addiction  complete with Ms. Quigley’s signature mix of camp and downright fright  to seal the deal.  Make sure to watch for cameos from members of Origin,  Revocation & more. (Video Link)
These  extreme metal debutantes are primed and ready to take advantage of you  in 2012 and beyond.  Make sure to check them out on their ‘West Coast  Penetration’ tour this June, and look for their new (Trojan) magnum opus  cumming soon!

Fri June 15 – Cheyenne Saloon – Las Vegas, NV (LV Deathfest)
Sat June 16 – Cheyenne Saloon – Las Vegas, NV (LV Deathfest)
Sun June 17 – TBA – Reno, NV
Mon June 18 – On the Y – Sacramento, CA
Tue June 19 – TBA – Oakland, CA
Wed June 20 – The Workshop – Ceres, CA
Thu June 21 – Suzy’s – Hermonsa Beach, CA
Fri June 22 – Shakedown Bar – San Diego, CA
Sat June 23 – TBA – Phoenix, AZ


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